Conceptual Miniature Art "MG34 TEAM"

Sculpted, polypainted, rendered with ZBrush only.


Nice illustration @Histone the expressions and pose tells a story :clap:


Thank you very much for your warm compliments, Jaime.I’m glad.
My challenge in this work is to do everything in ZBrush only, without using any other softwares, such as Keyshot, photoshop, substance painter, blender, etc.
To get the most out of ZBrush potential. Still not my best, I wll keep trying.

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:metal: flawless :+1: :+1:

Thanks a lot for your compliments, I’m glad. :slight_smile:

@Histone, by adding a floor grid and rendering with BPR (best preview render) you will obtain a cleaner and more crisp render with shadows :wink:

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Thanks a lot @JAIME, I updated pics, added circle floor to get shadow. I prefer strong shadow but best render makes it lighter and shallow.

Great job man. Amazing scene.

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@NEBULAR, Thanks a lot for your compliments. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: