Conan the destroyer

Inspired by famous and amazing frank frazetta painting “conan the destroyer”.
This personal project took me around two months to be finished during my free time.well done in zbrush without any issue with 167685054 polygons and 124 subtools and rendered with Keyshot.



conan the destroyer".


Absolutely fantastic work! Really well done. Incredible anatomy and technical skills! This should be Top Row.

hi bro, it shows lots of hard work. what else we need ??? its toprow!!! great work dear farzad

Damn dude…A master work. I have seen a lot of takes of Frazetta’s work, but this is the best I have seen. I bow down. TOP ROW IN 3…2…1

Thank you my friends

cool work :slight_smile:

Thank you my friend

Top notch, great work : )

A great job with great detail! Congrats bro for Top Row.:+1:

Perfectly executed, extremely dynamic, like a moment of action frozen in time.

Well-merited top row indeed!

congrats, and thanks for sharing. You redefined a border with this one.

Super work:+1:

sick work! You were really pushing it.

May I ask you about your process?
Is it made in sculptris pro mode?
Did you pose several base meshes for the characters?
Thank you :wink:

…fight! :sunglasses:

This is awesome, I really like the rainy clay render.


darn… that’s a lot of poly’s… :slight_smile: looks awesome.


yes lots of polygon, and still I had space to reach to 200 million for sure,zbrush is very powerful.

man, to 3d print this would me wonderful!

Great job.
Do you have any other work with Conan?