Command to press dialog buttons?

Looked through the forums and could not find an answer. What I specifically would like to do is to have a script that can run
“new document” and then press the “no” to saving the closing document dialog.
Is it possible? Thanks!

You can use:

[IKeyPress,78,[IPress,Document:New Document]]

The “78” is the equivalent of pressing “N” on the keyboard.


That was exactly what I needed. I had seen similar ideas that didn’t work. Thanks!

Hey Marcus, is there a list somewhere of what numbers correlate to keyboard entries?



Hi Eric,

The View Keyboard Status slider in the Preferences>Utilities sub-palette will give the number after pressing the key. These are basically the ASCII character codes, though internally ZBrush will be using keycodes so that, for example, the tilde key which ZBrush recognises will be some other key on other keyboards. (It’s the @ key on UK keyboards.)

It looks like they are just standard ascii key codes.