Comic ink matcap pack for download

I am currently researching Zbrush rendering style for a comic a comic published in the magazine Zidara9. I tested several materials and layout matcaps created from basic materials in ZBrush default.
The package I am proposing here for download contains the 8 most successful materials I did. Feel free to play with the setting, especially “orientation A” on “shade” style matcaps . To use in preview mode, without rendering. Use Zapplink to export the materials in different passes in Photoshop. Superpose the layers in multiply mode and you’re done. Few touch up and you have made an inked comic entirely credible! :wink:




awesome. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Um, these looked really cool I put them in my materials folder and it has wrecked my install of zbrush 4.2 I tried it with my 4.0 version and that is now toast too…any idea how to fix this?

did you put the files in Pixologic/Zbrush4R2/Zstartup/matcaps ??

Only reason I can imagine why these materials could break your install is if you put them in the wrong place, and even then it’s a longshot because zbrush is smart enough to know how to deal with it’s own file extensions.

Ehmm… Pixologic support? Or try reinstall and don’t use the matcaps? They’re awesome, but if they’re breaking your zbrush then what can you do?

Thanks a lot! “Ink_Inline2” is pretty amazing.

Thanks for sharing this amazing comic ink matcap pack!:slight_smile:
It realy is amazing what you can do with this material pack!
Amazing and will definently try it out so there is not just a 3D image also a 2d image of the work!
Fantastic !!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
Cheers to you mate,
Happy sculpting and inking,

  • Kenny:)

Yes I did all that and even now have removed them I still get “unrecognized command” followed by a crash every time. This sucks

oh…it works now. How weird! Thanks

Weird of course, 'til it’s just a few default sketch matcap with different settings and texture. Hope it will be useful for all of you without that kind of crash folks!
Sorry if I can’t help you more, my english is so bad, I just give it up for all I take earlier! :wink:

Here’s a video-tutorial made by Nick Zuccarello about comic style render with this shaders:

Brilliant! Thank you =)

Thanks very much for the matcap and thanks to M4T30.8 for the link to the tutorial. The Tutorials link on that web site has allot of really cool tuts I wanna look at.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

jesus you’re awsome!

Hey there. The link here is dead. Domain is expired. Does anyone still have this .zip file anywhere? Id really love it and appreciate if I could get my hands on it also.
Thanks. Cheers!

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a link to the materials. (I had a few people asking for it!) If you removed them to sell them, just let me know and I will take down the link.


Thanks @nickz for the new link, and @M4T30.8 for the matcaps (if you’re still around).

Unfortunately the download link seems to be broken. Does anybody maybe still have those matcaps?

iXaarii, link works!

it does for you? You’re talking about http://onirograph.com/download/InkComic_material.zip right?
to me it gives a not working error as in this screenshot:

not working.JPG

Nick posted this link on the previous page