Comic Book Style Drawing

Hi everyone,

I think this is more or less my first post in here.

Just wanted to share with you a workflow I’m using often in visual development. Generally, until the environment is approved, I’m simply doing line rendering with keyshot and photoshop and applying a quick presentation pass in photoshop to convey the overall idea of the environment.

Then later I can do a couple render passes and then turn that into a mood painting or even a key art if needed.

Let me know what you guys think.





Hey welcome to the ZBC! and great firs post I really like the composition.

You might be interested in a series of materials I created for comic book style, I think they might help you to create quick linework renders: Comic Style render tutorial

wootha, Pablander’s tutorial is outstanding. Well worth the time. IMO the best thing out there for learning to do an illustration or comic look in ZBrush. It is GOLD!

Love the style…