Comet Rider (Real Time)


Nice render for a real time project. I like the design on the vehicle, and the way the character is framed and backlit by the sun. :+1:

Nicely done @andrea.savchenko, particularly like the vehicle design :+1: Care to explain your process in creating this image? Thanks for sharing.

Very cool piece @andrea.savchenko

Glad you all like it! This piece includes a game-ready character, vehicle, props, fx and environment sculpted in Zbrush, retopo’d and UV unwrapped in Maya, painted in Substance, and rendered in Unreal Engine 4 based on a 2D concept by Shuo Shi. Female character has 39 tris (7K hair, 9K head, 23K body). Vehicle has 81K tris. Maps are PBR, packed and optimized in engine. Female character and vehicle completed in 5-6 weeks each. Many thanks to my mentor, Roderick Weise.