I love the pieces in this style that you’ve been producing! It’s refreshing to see ZB used for things like this. :+1:

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Yes, love the styles created in this fashion, I remember loooong time ago seeing some tutorials about how these were created, wish they would be brought back and shared with the community :wink:

Hi Jamie. Here is a video that shows my process

Essentially I am sculpting with material color turned on. I flood fill the object with one material and then sculpt with different materials turned on.

Here’s another video of this technique in action-

The upside to doing this is the speed of being able to have a fully colored model without having to recolor/texture it later.

The downside is that you are very limited on how many kinds of brush strokes work with the technique and you have to crank up the poly count to a ridiculous number in order to hide the edge between strokes. However, as you can see with my work there are still infinite possibilities within those constraints :slight_smile:


Thank you @kongni for sharing! while it may be a bit limited, the type of artwork you can create is still amazingly cool, the results are fantastic :wink: