Coastal Quillback miniature for Dragon Trappers Lodge

Another one dusted off from the archives! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
This one I sculpted for Dragon Trappers Lodge back in 2020, then only my second or third miniatures project ever. This was offered as a monthly backer reward on their Patreon subscription thing along with a bunch of other minis by other awesome artists, as 3D print ready STL files. Can’t really remember what size this one was meant to be printed as, but probably somewhere around 12-15 ish cm in total would be my guess.

Preeetty sure this guy was called a Coastal Quillback, hence all the clams and barnacles on the base :sweat_smile:

Hope you like it!

Original concept by Austin Bachelor at DTL.

For anyone interested I also uploaded a quick turntable video I rendered back then here : https://youtube.com/shorts/PcihkcaZnqI?feature=share


Looking good!