Cloth front/back partial bridge

I’m trying to connect front/back of a shirt, I known the ZModeller/Bridge option but that’s connecting the entire opening. I want to connect only part of it (like the polygroups image example).
Is there something like bridge “polygroup” only?


Zmodeler : Edge Action Bridge : Target Edge then click first edge and second edge. This will only connect selected polygon edges. If the target is Two Holes then the gap will be filled.

To fill the space bounded by green polygons bridge a single edge at the top and one at the bottom. Then change the Edge Action to Close Holes and select an edge in the green space. Choose your Hole target (convex/concave) and settings accordingly.

You could also use Edge Extrusion to quickly extrude one side to the other. Search Michael Pavlovich YT Edge Extrude for details.

Wow amazing! THANK YOU @tobor8man!!!
Connecting edges at top/bottom and later closing the hole, super cool!


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