Clint Eastwood/Man with No Name 3D Print WIP

Hi everyone!

I have been working on a 3D model of Clint Eastwood for quite some time now. I recently purchased an Anycubic Photon 3D LCD printer, and have decided to print my sculpt out at 1/4 scale.

I just printed out the head and hat, and am slowly working my way down to the base. I will be updating this thread with my progress.

Thanks for looking! First images and videos below :slight_smile:

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Good looking print!

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Thanks so much!

Wanted to get a sense of what the bust would look like painted. Here it is with a quick lick of Polypaint.


I’m slowly getting more comfortable with manual post-work… Since for some reason I don’t have as steady a hand when I’m not working digitally lol

The torso is currently reprinting, and should be done tonight. In the mean time, I sanded the printed head and hat down a bit more (for clean up) and gave them a second coating of primer. Looking pretty primo! :slight_smile:

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Printed the torso! I still need to clean it :slight_smile:

Looks awesome @FoxHound1984 :+1:

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Thanks so much, Jaime!

I’ve cleaned most of the torso, and the back of the head (may need to manually resculpt some of the hair).

The base should be done printing tonight, and then I’ll have all pieces! :slight_smile: Almost done!

72135641_1318352411654699_1816705234165039104_n 74414585_706474933209407_2917000422889619456_n 75226323_2857867350890305_1054500598147186688_n 75464408_430875944277923_3820798637324107776_n 76654441_493908208001954_2441295703520051200_n 76661225_482803375913892_1190831974042828800_n

The base finally printed! I have yet to clean it up, but I now have all pieces :slight_smile: Just some finishing work left to do at this stage.
75472788_433465993985055_3946590777655689216_n 76688882_1295975967248721_460976241424465920_n