Clicks not registering correctly - drag click stops working

Hi there,

Been having an issue of late which for some reason stops any work being done.

This has only started happening since the 2021 update series, and I tried updating to 2021.6.6 to see if that would solve my problems, but it hasn’t unfortunately. Reopening the software doesn’t help either.

Issue being, once Zbrush is opened or restarted everything is peachy, then all of a sudden Zbrush stops recognizing a “Click and Drag” and only registers the initial click. In saying this I can still rotate the viewport around the model - however the viewport only displays the starting and end points (there is no smooth rotation, just a snap like “here you go”).
When in this anti-Click-and-Drag state the viewport doesn’t show the brush area moving around with the cursor (I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro), this is the same when I pull out the mouse.
In counterpoint to the above, whenever I attempt to sculpt anything on the model nothing happens.

Any thoughts?


I don’t have any ideas or suggestions but I do wonder: on what kind of projects does this occur? Meaning: does this only happen with rather large and/or complex projects or does this also happen if you, say, draw in a 3D sphere and start sculpting on that for a while (so: working on a project that should hardly tax your system)?

It happens with both complex and simple / new projects.

I started fresh with zspheres yesterday and it happened within 5 mins of pushing and pulling a few spheres around :confused:

Hello @W0T_A_PL3B,

I’m sorry you’re having some trouble! Does your problem happen when using a traditional mouse? If not, the issue is probably related to the tablet in some way.

In either event, it’s not something we can help you with over the community forums. Please contact Pixologic Support.

Thank you!

Will contact support in that case, cheers :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand: