Clean Tool Master (with Dynamesh Project) unofficial - Information, Installation

Clean Tool Master

(Ver 2.5 Updated 2/20/2016)

Clean Tool Master is a repository of tools that can help speed up workflow pipelines (involving Dynamesh, and Standard Subtools.)
This plugin is unofficial.
(More information in Notes section) Dynamesh options are extremely memory intensive.)
Please save your work before running them!

Main features

  • Ability to run specific processes across an entire set of Subtools, or only the Visible ones (Eyeball Icon.)
  • Options for automation as follows:

  1. =2]Delete Morphs
  2. =2]Bake Layers
  3. =2]Turn Textures Off
  4. =2]Clear Polypainted Matcaps
  5. =2]Fill Subtools with White Polypaint
  6. =2]Show Hidden
  7. =2]Delete UVW’s
  8. =2]Clear Masks
  9. =2]Set SDiv’s lower by 2
  10. =2]Create Preview Tool

  • Other features involve usage with Dynamesh

  1. =2]Creating a higher then 1024 resolution Dynamesh through scaling
  2. =2]Creating a higher then 1024 resolution Dynamesh that can be worked on (edited with Dynamesh active)
  3. =2]Generating a duplicate Dynamesh Subtool that has UVW’s for Polypaint exporting.



Copy the attached CleanToolMaster.ZSC file to your \Pixologic\ZBrush 4R2\ZStartup\ZPlugs\ folder.
Restart ZBrush.
Clean Tool Master will be located under the Zplugin tab.

Change Log

v1.5: Fixed some spelling errors, added ‘blur 0’ to the dynamesh process for polypainting exporting. Added the fix Marcus posted to turn on XYZ under deformation:size


So since it’s the holiday season I thought I would share this plugin! I created it to help ease some of the repetitive workflow processes I come across on a daily basis (clearing morphs, baking layers, clearing masks etc…) This is my first attempt at Zscripting so please post and bugs/grammatical errors you find and I will attempt to fix them.

The Dynamesh options are extremely memory intensive! You may also run into errors involving the polycount being too high, holes in mesh, etc…) Please save your work before running them!

Thanks goes out to Marcus Civis for all his wonderful Zscripting information. Also to Thomas DeVries who had the idea for the functionality to export out polypainting from a Dynamesh.








CleanToolMaster_v1_5.zip (4.59 KB)

Just plain wow --looking forward to trying this— and return some feedback :wink:

Awesome! Thanks Joseph, I’ll have to try this!

bravo! great job!

Man, I would have given anything to have this a month ago. It would have saved me sooooo much time on the job I was working on.

And a happy (insert observed holiday of choice here) to you. I will take this for a spin and write back.



Wow…this is one helpful plugin! Really amazing what you have done!

Very kind of you ! Looks like a huge timesaver !

Happy Holidays ! :slight_smile: cheers !!

Very useful indeed!! Good work!

Thanks for your effort…Good Job…Keep it up.

Wow! Thanks a lot for sharing this with the rest of us. Looks very useful!:+1:


This looks crazy cool, will have to give it a whirl!

Wow Joseph, this is an awesome plugin and gift to the community!!!
Great thinking & thanks!
TOP ROW imho! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Fab work Joseph, and thank you very much for sharing. :slight_smile:

EDIT: a small point for when you update. You can ensure that the Deformation>Size axes are set to ‘XYZ on’ by using this line of code:


thank you ! i will be using this for sure…

smokin’ hot! thank you very much!


Marcus referred me to this amazing looking add on!

My goal it to merge two watertight tools into one, removing the polys that would have ended up inside the resulting combined tool.

Will this achieve that, and what is the procedure for this? (Digging through it now.)

Great plugin -Thanks so much , just need to add texture On to all , because now when i use texture off for all and then when i want to turn On texture for all i have to click on any subtools again and turn it ON , also will be great if you add enable colorize for all and disable for all , because now i have to go in my subtool pallete and click to enable /disable to all on the subtools … , Thanks again great job !!

I’ll see about adding the ‘Texture On’ for ya this week :slight_smile:

For the Colorize option have you tried holding ‘Shift’ + ‘clicking the paintbrush icon’ on one of the subtools? (Holding shift and clicking on the paintbrush icon on any subtool will toggle colorize off/on for all subtools. I’m happy to add the option to the plugin if you still want it thou.)


Hey Joseph Thanks so much for this ,

yes i use hold shift + click but it will be more easy for me if i have this on your plugin - turn on colorize to all and turn of for all
, it will be more easy for me to click on your plugin Instead of going on subtool pallete and clicking shift+click :slight_smile:

Thanks again and sorry for my English :confused:

@PSTCHOART: I attached an updated version of the plugin with Colorize On/Off, and Texture On added. Let me know if you run into any issues =) (It appears that my widow of editing the initial post has past; boo…)

Clean Tool Master
(Ver 1.8 Updated 9/4/2012)

Change Log

v1.5: Fixed some spelling errors, added ‘blur 0’ to the dynamesh process for polypainting exporting. Added the fix Marcus posted to turn on XYZ under deformation:size
v1.8: Added Colorize On/Off and Texture On functions. Also renamed a few of the buttons to reflect the additional features. Removed a line of code in the MatCap clear function that was turning Colorize off by default.



CleanToolMasterv1_8.zip (5.13 KB)