Citizen Takai

Hello, my name is Omari. I am an art and programming student. I like ZBrush and Three Dimensional Forms and I am studying towards being a character artist/modeler. I like how this software lets you create things from many angles and different intensities. I try to make all kinds of things, but most of the time I like to make female characters.

My favorite artist are (and I am sorry if I put your sceen name and do not know your real name): boozyfloozie - Isaac Oster - Marco Plouffe - Carlos Ortega Elizalde - Joseph Drust - Justin Marshall - Selwy - intervain - John Deriggi - Will Harbottle - Xada - too many other talented artist!

So, the purpose of this is to just post stuff that was fun to make. Feel free to comment and critique (bear in mind I try to study anatomy and sometimes my skull likes to be more denser then lead, I buy these study books and try to rub them against my head before I go to sleep, sometimes it sticks but most of the time…), and yeah… Freedom and stuff. Still learning the ropes. I think its a lifelong thing.

Anyways, a image/study/funtime project from January:

This was from Feb:





beautiful and amazing plz give us more camera angle of the scound one

Thank you Mazen, yeah, Ill see if I can put more angles and more prior project images up tonight.

It’s all done with DynaMesh ? :wink:

A combination of geometry generation techs and edits, dynamesh methods included.

On my recent personal projects (especially before the Z modeler brush) I start with a dynamesh to shell things and get basic silo. Most of the time I start with dynamesh sphere or zspheres.
When I capture enough form I retop with ZRemesher or zSpheres then project the hi poly dynamesh details (if I take the dynamesh into far detail). Lately I have been enjoying sub D sculpting, just feel it gets better control.

Sometimes, like for example on the Royal Navy Pin-up lady’s dress I will dynamesh the form in low res, then mask extract the outside polys, zRemesh, give it thickness (which is awesome now with Qmesh on the z modeler brush)
then begin sculpting (or creating a UV) with subdivisions.

This is all new to me. I have not yet switched to version 4.7 excuse;)

Man your stuff is Good! I like the lady on a fish…looks very nice

Thank you Uoriwoh,

When I find the time I will post some more angles and a link to a higher quality image.

amazing art. i can imagine the lady riding the big fish in a CG video.
or a Game Character.
i always admire that Chinese and the Japanese have the best Imagination and original concepts when it comes to Games, Characters , Stories.

Thank you, piranirani1986.

This is something I made a little while ago on my first personal character attempt.

you guys creep me out with such detailed weapons. too bad my pc is too weak to handle sooooo many subdivisions so that i can add as much detail as that. that is yet another fantastic sword you got there.

if youre on youtube or deviantart or facebook i definitely want to follow you now :D:D

This is any Thai sword ?

Excellent Sword :slight_smile: Love It. :*
I Would like to learn the science behind making the blade on zbrush,
i have seen it’s a tough job to create a desired effect
although they make it possible in zbrush 4r7 but i’m using 4r6 for the moment

@ lingz57: No, this was a sword I made while learning the software, I was looking at classical Japanese ninja swords and fractal patterning.

Thanks piranirani1986: There really is no science of it, besides the anatomy of a typical sword (grip and blade is bare minimum I guess, heh). With the new ZModeler brush, blocking should be easier. As far as sculpting details into the blade, utilize “Brush -> Automasking -> Back-Face Masking”. The setting is local to whichever brush you are using. It will prevent neutralizing mirrored sculpting, or pulling the other side of the geo when undesired.

Messing with ZModel Brush and Key Bridge.
I did a alternate concept from a game called Warframe to practice with it.
Omicore-alt.33 copy.JPG
Omicore-alt.34 copy.JPG
Omicore-alt.35 copy.JPG

This is just a personal project I was fiddling away at in a pile of projects.
Lots of experimenting.
The Fibonacci sequence was used.

PPKeyshot.29 copy.JPG

Nice work so far, keep it up and you’ll be an expert in no time.

ragnar_Danneskjöld: Thank you! You just made my day!

nice & neat hardsurface work buddy.keep it up.;):wink:

Edmund Dulac ,Kay Nielsen,Warwick Goble are but a few artists names in whose work I see a resonance with your Princess and Koi piece - which is a wonderful.

It would be lovely to see this piece finished to texture/color, render and scene. I hope we shall. It is the significance of the Koi to represent transformation and perseverance. It is tangible that your transformation will come through perseverance and by doing so you will grow in good fortune to become a most magnificent Dragon :slight_smile:

Forms opening and reaching out. Nature, mathematics and the mysteries it’s all there in your work.

Much to admire.

Thank you very much boozy floozie &Diablo !
Some super motivating words! Makes me want to keep on pushing!

Ok… Here is just a Keyshot render of the girl with the LR-85, I took after I got the bridge. I submitted this to my community college’s artist magazine called Bravura.
I pretended it was a statue.

This is a spiderwoman. Pretty much an anatomy practice.