Cineman´s Sketchbook

Hey, how are you doing!

I´m currently working on different cartoon characters, from humans to animals and fantasy creatures. This is the first i finished and i hope you like.

Critique and suggestions are greatly appreciated.




Hey Everyone!

This is a fan art of majin buu, which i made today. The model was created and rendered entirely in Zbrush.

I hope you like it.


i wasn´t really happy with the render out of zbrush so i decided to bring the model into maya and render it with vray again.

Hope you like it.

Hey everyone!

this is a fan art of rick and morty. It was sculpted and textured entirely in zbrush and then exported into maya for rendering.

Hope you like it.

this is a creature design pactrice i recently made, its really low res about 6k polys.
The highres model was created in zbrush,and the retopology and rendering was made in maya and vray.
Hope you like it.