Chun-Li Portrait

Hi Guys,
I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well.

Here is my latest personal project based on the amazing painting by Ley Bowen 张.
I hope you like it : )

Ley Bowen 张 Artstation www.artstation.com/zhanglei8048


I may be the only one to say this but she is ADORABLE! Love it!

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look even amazing in 3d cgi form.

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Agree Tristan, we’ve got a cutie :slight_smile: I like how you’ve managed to do her lips/expression, nice work Reza!

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Great Chun Li! Timeless Street Fighter character

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Thanks Jaime, glad you like her.
that lips/expression was challenging : )

Thanks , happy you like it : )

Thanks guys for the kind words