Chuii the tiger slayer

Actual images of Chuii from Korean webtoon (Tiger Brothers 2015 ~ )

Early 3d Concepting

lookdev WIPs

Chuii the tiger slayer, one of the most powerful villains from the first season of Korean webtoon “Tiger brother ( 2015 ~ )”, which takes place to the Korean ancient fantasy world based on many Korean traditional tales. I started reading it last August and I enjoyed it a lot, ended up making one of the leading characters who gets involved with the biggest fight that blew me away.

I am really hoping for this webtoon to be spread over the world to share the excitement I’m getting . but only the korean version I know here webtoon https://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list.nhn?titleId=650305&weekday=sat feel free to check out. but you guys will have official english version of this in a couple of years I believe.
I used Arnold and Maya for rendering and lighting, Mari for texturing, Texturing XYZ for detailing on Zbrush.

And i recently made instagram art account ! there are more works and WIPs you can check out @wheeart3d
Also, you guys can visit my Artstation page, https://www.artstation.com/whee15

Hope you guys like it, and Happy Holidays !!