Chrustian Seabourne

I made this character for the Pinshape Character contest, he’s 3d printable, and available here.


Colour renders done using substance painter and renderman.






excellent work :):+1:

Love this character. Excellent work!

thanks guys!

very cool little critter you got here.
i really like your render. could you tell a little about your shader and overall render setup?
i still haven’t got around to use renderman all that much.


This is really great !
The texture is so well done :slight_smile:
I love its head, so funny !

Thanks. I exported textures from Substance painter and plugged them into the Disney Pixar shader, nothing too fancy. 2 Area lights, and a dome light.

Renderman is great, can be complex if you want it to be, but also very easy to use.

Thanks Karen, he was fun to make!

Love it !!!

I don’t suppose you could share some 3D renders aswell? Both colored and grey material?
Or is this a 3D render? If so, wow, I thought it was a 3D print.

Ex-SHELL-ent work! Love your character design. Really well done. Have they picked a winner in the contest yet?

Hi dobbie, thanks.

These are colour renders. I’ll attach a clay render.


Hey Webhead,

Yep, it was drawn on Friday, US time, I woke up to the results on sat morning in Aus.

I placed 3rd. Here’s the results.