Chrome Dome - NECA

Here’s some pictures and renders of Chrome Dome from NECAs cartoon line of TMNT. I sculpted/modeled him and his accessories 100% in Zbrush. Photos and paint by NECA… renders by me, done in Keyshot (clay in Zbrush).

Chrome Dome comes with two cyber blades, a blaster, 6 sets of hands and a hacking computer. Est. availability Aug 2021.


ok this is just amazing , im loving the feel of our boys . my sole complaint :stuck_out_tongue:
(the henson squad werent included for a face off XD )
cant wait to see more

Incredible work! Love the detail on the weapons. Really top notch stuff. Are all of these renders or are the first five images photo shoots?

The full color are NECA’s official promo photos of the painted prototype.

The prototype came out very nice!