Christopher Tackett Sketchbook 2

Been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve kept busy for the most part up until now. I was just recently let go from my first real job as a 3D artist making models for mobile games. So I figured it was time to get my stuff together and try to get some freelance work going. I made a demo reel (shown below) of a lot of my past artwork along with some of my new work. It’s more of a slideshow with a little bit of animation thrown in. At some point I’ll make a better, more specialized demo reel when I have more samples that I am allowed to show. But for now, this is it. I’m hoping this will generate some interest… and some clients!! :slight_smile:

This battle bot pic that I made with ZBRush is also part of the reel, but it’s one of the more recent concepts I developed that I would love to take further.




I need some quick pieces to show in my portfolio of sculpts that could be for printed figures and such. I figured I’d do something fairly simple first like this Justice League Batman statue. I’ll prolly end up doing a Supes and Wonder Woman to round out the collection, but I’ll come back to them. I want to show different sculpts with varying levels of complexity.

The first pic is rendered in Modo and the rest in ZBrush. I just had to render this guy with a cel shader too. :slight_smile:


I love the Batman! Great job!

great job on the Batman. Have always loved this look to the Justice League.

nice work! I like the slight lego work to it;-) nice character!:smiley:

Ohhhh man this is excellent!!!

Great work and render !!

Nice and clean! Love it.

Thanks everyone! Maybe at some point I’ll even try animating Batman. But too much to do before that happens.

I did this model maybe about a year or so ago and I wanted to finally finish him up. This guy started as a figurine idea and I still want to have him printed up at some point.

Modeled and rendered in ZBrush with some Photoshop post work.



Woooooooow this is very fantastic piece of work man,like it.:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

Call me old fashioned, call me even old - this is the stuff I really love.
Brilliant done!

Very nice! I love the textures and the overall color scheme. Also :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: for the grasshopper companion

Cool garden Gnome, man! Really nice pastel colors and illustration feel!

Thanks guys! Here’s a GI lit version of the previous sculpt final version without the color texture.


Awesome work :+1: I’m very pleased to find your portfolio.

Very nice.

Long time no post! Little update… Following the abrupt demise of the game company I used to work for, I’ve been sculpting toys and animatronic characters for Eleventyplex/Lifeformations for the last 2 years. They are keeping me extremely busy, but I’ve had some time to work on something of my own. This is the very start, but I will be taking this and other Trek characters further. Stay tuned!

Love that Spock!

Very cool style.