Christian G 3D Sketch Book

Greetings every one! :slight_smile: This is my first thread on any forum so I am very excited! I plan on posting (mainly finished) 3d sketches, but also some complete models as well. I really hope everyone that visits enjoys my work, and please feel free to comment! I am very much still learning so please be critical! Thanks!


This Sketch took 4 hrs to make. The original concept belongs to the very talented LD Austin

I did this as an entry for the Dragon Ball Z Art Challenge a couple of months ago. This is Super Majin Buu. The concept is my own.





Looking sweet, Christian. Bout time you posted :wink:

That bust is awesome! Keep up the good work.


Thank you for the thumbs up. I really appreciate it! Thank you once again for all your help. As my works hopefully become more complex I hope you don’t mind getting an e-mail from time to time asking for some feedback. I wish you all the Best.

Here is some progress on a concept I have been working off of the very talented LD Austin. I will be posting The final render will be in Marmoset. Feedback is always welcomed. The more nit-picky you are the better! Thanks for all the inspiration everyone!

I did this exercise this weekend. 4 hrs in Zbrush. Just working on accuracy and speed. I would love feedback and the design and execution Plan on polypainting him and giving him a render. Hope you like!


Just posting up a little test render of the Alien concept. Still have a lot to do.


Hello everyone, Just wanted to share a quick bust I made in Zbrush, and rendered in Marmoset 2. I hope you like it and please, I am looking to improve so if anything stands out please point it out. Thanks for the watch!

High Res Image

Great stuff man. Love the style and the texturing you’re doing on these guys. Can’t wait to give Marmoset a try.

Wolverine WIP02

I have been keeping track of time spent on my work. This is a total of 2 days (16 hrs) sparingly in the last week. Still have some shapes to refine. I still have plenty of work on the anatomy but the larger shapes have been established. The legs need the most attention. Hope you like :slight_smile:

Posting another update on the model. Please, I am looking for critiques so feel free to tear me a new one.

Can you pose him scratching his head ? :slight_smile:

Anyway well done

Your wolverine model looks absolutely stunning, love it! Keep it going :slight_smile:

Very awesome CG comic style muscles, love it. I’ll bet if you used the outline material you might get some awesome shapes due to the proportions of those muscles. Great work!!! I want to see more.

Haha! :slight_smile: thanks, and yes, I will try to pose him soon. Your request is noted :slight_smile:

Thanks EmielS , I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel, thats what I was shooting for with his anatomy. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Made a lot of minor changes to his anatomy, primarily his legs, made his head larger, and concentrated on painting the skin. Hope you like :slight_smile: Critiques always welcomed :slight_smile:

It has been a while since I posted. This is a WIP of a Realtime model of Wes Studi. Still have plenty adjustments… like the plastic skin :stuck_out_tongue:

Made in Zbrush and Maya, rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3



cool stuff.

really like this last head.