Hello guys, this is Eroly.

This is my first pair of 3DCG works Named Choice. The original painting is from Les Saltimbanques of French artist Gustave Doré.

Storyline of this 3DCG work:
In a time of financial crisis, many middle-income earners were forced to lose their jobs and some poor people were even starved to death, but the wealthy still lived wealthy life.
The clown in the middle is a representative of the middle-income class. The clown has just finished his performance at the circus. Holding the remaining salary in his hand, and looks at the poor woman next to him. She is holding a child who has been hungry for a long time. In the distance is an aristocratic couple who just watched the circus show. They are indifferent to the situation of women.

Use ZBrush to sculpt high detail model. Make textures in Substance Painter and Mari. Use Xgen to make hair, light in Maya and use Arnold Render for final rendering.

Thank you Teacher Yang Guang for my guidance on this work.



An interesting re interpretation of Dore’s work. Here is a link to an image of the original
I think your work is an interesting update visually.
Best of success in your career!

Amazing work! I think you humanized the clown more than in the original painting.

You really can fell despair… beautiful interpretation! Welcome to the forum :wink: