ChiselCreature Brush Has no detail

Hi Everyone
I hope you all can help me, when I use the ChiselCreature brush in Core, the parts are made looking as if they have no detail, just alot of chiseled lines (Best way I can describe it) when i see other users on youtube use them they are very detailed. Mine are not.

Does anyone know whats happening.

Sorry for being vague.

The first pic is from using zbrush core and the second is from using core mini.
It looks like something in core is not set up right.

Any help would be appreciated



Welcome to Zbrush Central.

The chiselcreature brushes need enough polygon geometry in the model to create detail as needed and/or sculpted. If your base model is relativly low detail/poly-count then the chisel brushes don’t have many points to move to create a detailed shape.

ZBrush Core Mini is using Sculptris Pro all the time, so far as I know. If you enable Sculptris Pro in Zbrush Core and then use the Chisel Creature Brushes it should create more polygons as required to create the extra detail needed to show them better.

Hi, thanks very much for your reply, I will try your suggestion. Could this be the same problem and solution for my second post. It’s kind of the same thing.

I hope it sorts both problems.

Thank you again.