Chinese Dragon WIP

Hi guys and girls.

I have spent the last few days playing around with zspears. I made a few cartoon animals first for play then attempted to start what I was doing.


This has been done over the past few hours and just to get some ideas generating, trial attempt so to say. I am going to add some hair using 3ds when the modelling is finished so you may have to picture the hair for now. Anyway, feedback and critic is always welcome. Any ideas for modelling and background are also fully welcomed. Hope you are all having a cool weekend.






Maybe you should try to define the regions more where the arms and legs enter the body…right now they are just sticking out.

Good point Soyseitan.

I have not actually considered enough in regards to how the animals bones would rest (shoulder blades and stuff). I never actual thought about that yet so I have just made a note.

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Nice subject! are you chinese? I’m indonesian-born chinese, and just few days ago I wanted to make Kilin (I’m not sure about the spelling, but it’s the lion in front of all temples).

I think you need to see some references for details on body textures, body topology, etc to help you modelling. some images I found:

Sorry if my comment is useless ~ I’m a newbie :o

Look forward to seeing more progress :slight_smile:
and oh, the fire ball!! :smiley:

Mate, your input is great and thanks alot. I have got a few images of dragons that I have been using for sketches but these two I did not have so I will definitly make use of them.

No, I am not of Chinese blood, I was born in New Zealand. But I have spent many years in Thailand and the South East as a boxer. The heritage of Asia has been a major inflence to me through my life and will always be part of me. The same way you have obviously showed recognition to your countries icons, I feel the same way.

About being a newbie, mate, dont worry, I am still learning too and I am also reasonably new to this site.

Thanks alot for your input, it is much appreciated.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Please take a look at my first post too, thanks :slight_smile:


matasorapit, you have severl well known zsphere problems. It really depends on the end goal. If that’st he posek, ten it’s moot. Make sure you convert to polymesh and work the detail from that. Perhaps it’s the pose, but a lot of things look very wrong. Almost every joint. The images by donkei, look pretty good to follow.

If you do a search for threads started by me you should find several including a long running zsphere one and a dragon one that might be of help. :wink:

Cool thanks Jason, I am gonna do a search right now.

All of the help from you guys is very much appreciated.

it’s an interesting first attempt… this can help you…

I started a thread similar to yours, a while back. I am still working on this model to explore poses and textures. You may be able to pick up some tips from the responses I got…
Good luck!

Maxter, thanks for those links. I have been searching for just that type of thing.

Zoetrope, great info and help mate, very much appreciated.

Yesterday I was stuck at home in bed sick so I had a play around with what other settings could do. I think that after years of creating standard meshes or nurbs, zsphears are going to be the main form of my base modelling. Quick, flexible, and free modelling. Alot more hands on and feel great as an artist to use.

Thanks again everyone and I will keep you all updated.