Chimz Sketchbook

I kinda feel that your progress is barely noticeable from the last two updates. Still misssing lots of underlaying skull structure/bony landmarks. Hmm…

I’ve used this for a reference quite a while, and it’s pretty helpful:

Yup small updates, only getting to work on this in 20-25 minute sessions.
Wish I had more time!

Happy to help here, again. :smiley:

Something on your skull isn’t right. At least it’s too wide from the front:

Eye sockets are actually a lot deeper than that, and they have concave and convex shapes simultaneously:

Clavicles have an slight S-shape, they are not straight bones, if you’re planning to make a little bit of torso as well. You could also define a bit of sternocleidomastoid muscles.

Thanks again for the references FourtyNights. Always useful. Saving them to my references folder!
Again a little update. Another 25 mins of work during my lunch break at work today.

Hi guys,

I did this painting a couple of years ago now named ‘The Widow’. I thought I’d base my next sculpt
loosely on this painting so I have a concept to work from. My aim isn’t to make it look like the painting but
convey the same emotion and idea.

So a few alterations to the face so far. I am also not going for pure realism with this, but aiming to achieve my own style
with this piece, somewhere between realism and fantasy I suppose.

Another small update after half an hours work this lunchtime.

Yet another lunchtime update. I’ve begun fleshing out the clothing a little more, trying to get the shapes I want.

Opened her mouth a little, added teeth and some surface texture, refined detailing on the clothing a little further. :slight_smile:


More work on this at lunchtime today. :slight_smile:



I’ve begun trying to add some more emotion to her face today. Needed to look sadder.

Today I begun work on her front sections of hair using Fibermesh. I’ve also begun setting up my lighting environment and doing a few render tests.
I still need to work into her head dress further too. I’ve just made a jeweled brooch too, which is pinned to the head dress to add some extra interest.
I’ve also cleared some fur from the neckline as I want to add some stitch work detail there eventually.


I did a re-render of this fella, because I wasn’t all that happy with how the first attempt turned out. I think this works better without all the colours, also this angle looks nicer I reckon.
Also added a funky rim light in red. I tried purple and blue too but I think this was my favourite version. Although being as indecisive as I am I may change my mind again later!


Hiya everyone! I finally got around to finishing my sculpt and getting it all rendered out today. I really hope you like her. It was great fun to sculpt.


Beautiful piece. The face almost looks like it was 2d painted. Where did you render it ?

Hi dangov. Thank you! It’s rendered using BPR in ZBrush. I created two different lighting set ups and rendered it out twice, saving both results. I then used different layer set ups in Photoshop to mix them together.

I also created my own custom quad channel material to get the skin effect I wanted, so I could easily add shadow/specular/ambience etc.

The painted effect on her face is achieved by using polypainting. I hand painted the eye make up and red tones, for example on her nose, and the blush of her cheeks by picking colours I liked in the palette. It was the effect I was after so I am very happy you like it.

Here is the final sculpt without any polypainting before being rendered, just with the standard grey clay material on it.


Below are screenshots I took along the way to show my process from start to finish. I start experimenting with polypainting and lighting set ups quite early on as it helps me get more of a feel for a sculpt and how I want the final piece to look by the end. I began with a 3D sphere and used dynamesh to get the first ‘base head’ then took it from there.

Okay! So I begun a brand new piece this lunchtime. Can you tell what it is yet? :smiley:
Again I’ve started from a 3D sphere, and I’m using Dynamesh and the Remesher Tools at a low resolution to start creating my basic forms and shapes first.

Really great topology on the face. I wish I could sculpt like you (oh, well, it’s something to shoot for). You know, one of the reasons why I was drawn to zbrush was that I saw some 2D characters done, that looked like they were manually painted but then it turned out they were done in 3D and then converted to this 2D sketch-type of look. How long have you been sculpting Chimz?

Thanks! I wish I could sculpt as well as other people on here too, haha. Just got to keep practising I guess. Hmm, I’ve been sculpting for about three years or so now I think. I try and do about 30-40 mins five days a week during my lunch breaks at work. I sometimes have to use ZBrush for work, but it depends on the type of art style that is required. At the moment I’m working on a very ‘graphic’ style of game so it doesn’t call for a lot of ZBrush work unfortunately.

I wish I could sculpt all day! That would be perfect. How long have you been using ZBrush? Are you self taught as well?

That’s great, knowing that you get to use ZBrush at work sometimes. I live in Macedonia and here, hardly anyone uses or has heard of ZBrush. I stumbled upon ZBrush in late 2013, but I sporadically I was spending time learning the tools and never got to do much sculptings. In 2015 I’ve been dabbling more. Here’s a WIP that I did about a week ago. It’s supposed to be a skiing kangaroo / slash rocking chair …

As you can see I have a lot more to learn because I rendered it in Keyshot and I’m still learning Keyshot as well.