Chess set for 3D printing

Complete chess set made to be 3D printed. This project was extremely fun to make and a real challenge in terms of design and sculpting. Extremely happy with the final outcome and renders. I tried to show the pieces in a raw form imitating real chess pieces and different light forms to showcase the shapes and forms.


In deed great renders @Alex.5130.Sied :+1: Please show us final 3D print when done.

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Thanks Jaime! Will do as soon as i buy one :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Here are some renders of the Queen

The King.

The bishop.

The Knight.

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Looking good!!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!

Really great work, love material look on the renders too :chess_pawn:

The Rook.


Chess box polygroups

That’s a super cool design. I only wish that the top had inset seams between the squares and surrounding the playfield. That way they’d be easy to see for painting or whatever.

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Thats a cool idea! Thanks Aurick!