A little bit Gusteau and a little bit Guy Fieri.
I decided to show the basic steps as i went.
I still have to pose and clean it up for a final image.

Comments appreciated to help me improve as an artist.

blocking.jpgclothes.jpgZMesh.jpghair detail.jpghair blocking.jpgskin paint.jpg

I was lucky enough to have Matt Thorup critique my chef sculpt during his stream last Thursday.
I think I made all the changes he suggested. It was an honor to have my sculpt chosen for review.
Hope you all like the changes.
Here are the changes.
Chef Revised.jpgface1.JPG


Chef Revised.jpg

[Finished the Chef
Hope you like him.


Here he is on ArtStation



I love this character design. The beard line is just perfect.

There’s some great choices being made in this one. Congratulations.

Thanks Navarokoj
I appreciate the kind words