Cheetahman (new updates on page 5)

Merry X-mas and happy new year!

This is a 3d model made in zbrush2 (3 hours of modeling) and rendered in max8 with Vray (I’m a beginner at it).

Instead of finishing my other personal projects (like Thor) I was just doodling in zbrush and came up with that concept.

I got inspired by Mr Bahu on the whole creature topic and the Vray render :wink:
I actually spent more time on the rendering then the modeling (Vray takes forever to render)

this is an update (I changed the chest area a little bit)

This is a screenshot of the view in Zmapper.

and the base I started from.




Nice looking concept and anatomy, Lil’sister; I reckon this one will go far :slight_smile:
Digging the morphology from human to cheetah; nice!


yeah I agree with atwooki, it’s looking really good.

Hey man…good start! keep up the good work!I like the render…:+1:

:grimacing: Wow, that is really Beautiful, Really like it.

Thank you guys! I still have a lot of work on it but I wonder if I should make it furry (short) or with skin pores like a humain?

made a new render (at the top of the page).

I love the eyes as well as the ears! The way the light comes through the back of the ears is nice. I’ve haven’t had a chance to use VRay yet. Is it easy to get good SSS results with it? My only exposure to sub surface has been mental ray.

Looks awesome V-Ray may take a long time but the results are very good :+1: And nice model too… hope this Vray for maya will be out soon i heared great things about it how easy it was to render with it instead of mental ray.

Thanks for the nice comments! about Vray and the SSS it’s not actually real sub surface but rather tranclucency (I created a map for it) but I find it rather difficult to set up but I’m very new at Vray. for the whole subsurface thing mental ray is better in my opinion and not as slow to render! Vray is a very powerful renderer but I only scratched the surface of it, I would love to try maxwell too I’ve seen the most amazing result with it!.


That update of him really blows me away. Simply awesome! I gave it :+1: x5

thank you very much prospect! happy new year to you! :slight_smile:

To you as well. and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Very cool! I like the thick whiskers and strong shapes.

Great sculpting! :slight_smile:

What a great start… can’t wait to see more.


good job Lil’sister,

are the whistkers 3D? did you create them in Max or Zbrush, cause I noticed they are not casting shadows.

Really nice character! I like the slightly stylized look. It meshes well with streamlined qualities of cats. Are you still thinking of adding some short fur? I think it would be worth looking into.

mmmmm j adore :wink: sphynx cat is a good ref for you

Thank you very much guys for the nice comments! :slight_smile:

Merci patron! :wink: