Charlize Theron: Female Likeness Practice

Female Likeness Practice I did last month. for Charlize Theron

Mohamed Alaa
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/mohamedalaa
Behance: https://www.behance.net/Mohamedalaa
CGsociety: http://mohamedalaa.cgsociety.org/






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Just can say wow. Excellent choice of hair cut

Spot on likeness indeed

Very impressive!

Thanks a lot guys :smiley:

Excellent work!

Thank you takai :smiley:

beautiful work

Simply beautiful! :slight_smile:

Pretty much nailed it I think. Great work.

…and it made Top Row!!! Congrats!!! Much deserved and amazing work!!!

congrats ya man :smiley:

great work man

Congratulations man, great likeness

Really … Thank you guys for all the lovely replies. I appreciate it a lot. :smiley:

Congrats on the Top Row!


It is as good as everyone else is saying! Well done!

Small suggestion? Avoid symmetry down the centre line: it is particularly obvious on the chin, where you have the same pore pattern on both sides. Coloured and in motion, no one would notice, but the render you’ve chosen highlights this CG-ness.




you are mostly right, I didn’t put much effort doing details. I just made some noise so that it look nice in the keyshot render only.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Great work;)

Very nice! I recognized her before I read who it was. :slight_smile: I think capturing a likeness is probably the most difficult thing any modeler could ever attempt. Great job going for the gold!