Charlie Boy and The Explorer. Comments & Crits please

HI everyone this is my 2nd posting on the forum, Still learning new stuff with this fantastic software. So here is the Gangster, started of as just a doodle. all work is in Z brush except Hair and a little postwork retouching around the nose which was done in photoshop. All comments and crits welcomed.

Thanks Sha

more photoshop postwork, Re done the backround, contrast and played about with the colour balance. Can’t decide if he’s a gangster, a brawler or just some ard nut.


Nice, special the postwork. I like the illustrated look of it! :+1:

Thanks Bas for the good words. at first I was a bit unsure of the illustrated feel that the postwork gave it. As I didn’t want to take it to far away from being a Zbrush creation.

Which is why I initially I only used photoshop, to do the hair and smoke.

I’m currently building him into a different setting, of an idea I had for his character whilst doing this one. So I’ll be posting his progress as I go.

Ok thanks again

heres some profiles of ther head model, built from ZSpheres. he’s currently in a career change. will post progress next

Said he was in for a career change, same head model slightly tweaked and nose worked on more, shirt was borrowed form Poser and altered, hat modeled with sweep tool, just a grey scale render texture on it’s way

Would welcome some feed back from the community, getting viewings and votes, but apaprt from Baz no one else is commenting. :o:confused:


I like the bolder features of the new guy- he’s lookin good, cant wait to see some paintovers.

I would like to say that your proportions, especially on the eyes seem a bit off- but when apply your style onto the model, it looks great; so keep doing your thing.

Maybe this time around you should look into heavier texturing in zbrush.
Have you looked at loic zimmermann’s work?
He does heavy paintovers, but a great deal in 3D as well, and the style is phenomenal

Totally serious, must apologize,don’t know how it
went by me.
Great Head!!!
What you have uploaded is also a few complete scenes which
I totally enjoy seeing and yours is done well.
It also, imho, demonstrates one of the things zbrush does best, illustrating.
It is meant to do this in conjunction with Photoshop.
You are using the program to it’s potential.
Best of luck.

Hey Guys,

I love the 2nd post with the updated background. Man that is really nice has a great painterly quality to it. Looks wonderful. You are getting a bit of an odd contrast between the real looking hair and the more painterly/illustration style of the hair on the top of the head. Otherwise great work. The hair looks so good I hate to say anything about it but it is an odd contrast.

Nate Nesler

Hi All

Thanks for the comments, it’s good to get feedback. I’ve pushed it further with the shirt, as can be seen creases, pockets and straps, also some sutle creases added to the band around the hat.

Primery texturing is appliead, as I have intentions on scuzzing the clothing up a bit to give a more rugged dirty look, but that will come near the end.

Still all ZB, Ill keep posting the progress.

Defrago: your probrably right about the proportions, though I feel it’s more to do with the nose, which as you can see from the head profile image, I hadn’t scupltered it enought. Eyes and Nose has been an area that I’m working with and have had problems getting them right.

Bicc39: I intend to push this all the way, feel I’m on a roll with him. keep posted and I hope you like the final outcome.

MatrixNAN: Glad you like it so far, not quit sure what you mean though with the contrast between the real and Illustrated Hair, when you say real hair I assume you mean the facial hair?! or little beard. cause I kinda agree that maybe the beard should be done a bit sleeker, rather than a stubble fluff under the lip. let me know if I’ve cought you right on what you mean.

Thanx again for all the comments and crits. Ok here’s where I’m at so far





Hey Man,

Yeah I was refering mostly to the chin hair and to a lesser extent the eyebrows. Also my girl friend Jessica just noticed that the skin is showing through the shirt collar on the right side where it folds over so you probably want to fix that too, but you almost have this one totally finalized. :slight_smile: :wink: Looking good man.

Nate Nesler

Thanks for the crit on the shirt collar, i completly missed that. I’m gonna continue with the Explorer, untill it’s finished or i get a mental block. Then I’ll go back to the origonal post and redo the beard. The more i look at it now, the mor it bugs me so it will get done.

Ok been a week since i added, any progress. Appolagies to anyone waiting on the outcome. I’m thinking I should have started a new thread with this as it’s taken on a life of it’s own. Oh well to late now.

I’m near completion with this guy, but not ready to post the complete image till the background is finalised. But as a teaser, here is another figure update with bino’s and Rucksack and Bug net added. I’ve also included a couple of detail shots from the textured image, one with Tash painted in Photoshop. Still learning when it comes to hair.

I should have pointed out that I have only just started painting hair since I got my Wacom Tablet a couple of months ago. Oh what a dream it makes to work with.




Ok I’ve final got to the point I happy with this,Not completly sure with the airship. Comments and Crits Welcome please.

The Background was rendered out of Terragen, and the butterfly was photoshoped in as a final touch. everything else is Zbrush

Thanks to Helmut Schaub for the freebie The Airship and textered using Jantims Rust metal for the body. Skin Materials are from Antropose picasso tut, and tweaked slightly.

Ok here it is hop you like


great illustration! Lots of details and passion in it. :+1:

Really liked how you completed this one. Quite the difference scrolling from top of the thread to bottom.
Love that flying blimp machine.

My only critsism is that the bright, vertical trees on the left of the picture really compete for focus compositionally. Maybe if you toned them down, manipulated to go behind him, or even move the butterfly to the otherside, it would help center the picture around our explorer.

Again, nice work- keep it up!

Good technic in this illustration. The flower, butterfly and the airship are imo a bit too colorfull and they are taking away the attention of the man and make the scene restless. But 5* from me
Keep posting!

Nice composition, the colors and expression are great.
Keep it up:+1:

that looks really great! I like the subject as well as the character, especially the clothes look really stunning! Hard to crit something.
very good job!


Love the feeling of an alternative British Empire…:slight_smile: