Character Studies - looking for critique

Hi there ZBrushCentral community. I am looking for some constructive critiques on my work. Bellow is the latest character study I did of Michael Fassbender. I am still just starting off with basic fibermesh so I’d like more critique on the form and likeness of the study rather then the hair or shaders.

Thank you.

All comments and critiques are welcome.



I know what it’s like to get no critique, so I decided to send some out!

I can’t say I have ever done a likeness sculpt yet, but this is what I see. Take it or leave it :stuck_out_tongue:

CRAP! I forgot to add, watch the with of the forehead. Notice on the picture where the shadow is located, indicating the STRAIGHTNESS and gradualness of the ends of his forehead? Notice yours? Yours is more sharp, and your forehead is more narrow. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thank you Mr.Schizo! Very concise and helpful notes. I’ll take some time and look into making changes.

how has that worked out for you?

So I took a bit of time and made some of those changes with did help out a lot thanks. Here is where I ended up.

I feel I may be overworking it.

Yeah man, you totally went backwards on that one. I think you should go back to the save you had, and then turn all your brushes super low and have your ref images RIGHT beside your sculpt and then you can look back and forth as you make TINY adjustments. Small adjustments make ALL the difference. An 1/8th of an inch can totally change the look of your sculpt. Put everything to low, including your smooth, and start back where you uploaded.

That’s MHO.

P.S Upper eyelid/upper part of the eye is almost ALWAYS farther forward than the bottom eyelid

Thanks again Mr.Schizo for the feedback, I haven’t had any time to come back to this piece yet. I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment and critique.

Hopefully I’ll find time to have another go at your suggestions.