Character Sculpting. Zbrush 2018.1

Sculpted in ZBrush, textured in 3D-Coat. Hair groomed in Ornatrix + Zbrush Fibermesh, Rendered with V-Ray Next for Maya.

Creating a hairstyle took 5 days.

The main goal of this project - create the new hairstyle from imagination by using hair references.

More renders here ->https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zA5elm






This looks really nice. I’ve never really tried using the hair systems in max, maya or zbrush (certainly not the latter), last time i did was in max version 8, back in 2006, back when i was using a Dual Core with 2 GB of RAM, god did my system struggle :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, i looked up that hair plugin…


$600 for a hair plugin for a program you have to RENT for nearly $2000 annual? I hope to god they give free upgrades (like good old Pixo), because, for that price, i’d want a fully standalone package. AND it can do feathers, properly, that would be great for an idea i’ve been thinking about doing (a redo of an old max project), but without a good way to make feathers, it’ll never happen. And i’m NOT paying $600 for a plugin to a program i don’t even use anymore.

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Thank you for your comment. This program is worth the money and if you are a groomer - you have no problem making that money in 2 days of work=) They have a $50/month subscription and a full demo with the limitation of not being able to save the project. I’ve been learning on it and it works great.