Character sculpt.

This is a character sculpt I did for a “Creating Appealing Characters” class from Mold3d. Class was taught by Dylan Ekern. Concept by Carlos Ortega Elizalde. I welcome any constructive criticism. Fist time posting =).





It’s pretty close to the concept art. It can be very difficult getting the translation from 2d to 3d but I think you managed to do a great job.

Well Done!


Thank you! Appreciate it.

Very nice!

I wish I can build my skill to your level.

Man, that’s amazing ! She’s so cool ! :smiley:

:+1:great job well done

She is adorable! Very nice work. Congrats on the top row! :smiley:

What did you use to render it?

Hi Carlos, This is an exceptional first post. Congrats.
Sorry there’s not much constructive criticism as you seem to have nailed it first go!
You have translated the 2D design into a perfect 3D sculpture that has been rendered brilliantly.
She is definitely an appealing character, keep posting more appealing characters.

I modeled it in Zbrush, rendered it in Keyshot.

thank you so much @Johncox85. Really appreciate that.

Good work and congrats for the top row. I know you have finished it but I still have some critique for you. Face has more character and looks cute in the concept art. Its more round and little small.Nose bridge is also little wider in the concept. Her upper lip is creating a very smooth curve if you see in the concept.Its giving more cute feeling.Body is also little tiny in the concept . Hope that helps.

Hi Carlos401, I am going to simply agree with both Johncox85, and Rishiraj. But overall… WICKED! And best of all, loving that this style of work gets ‘face time’ on TR as well. So, congrats on TR also.

Bravo! I wanted to sign up for the class but I was too late. You did wonderfully! Good Job!

Really nice job! Congrats on top tow! I’m especially loving the hair. Great work!

…adaptation! :sunglasses: