Character Sculpt WIP

Hello everyone, here is my first attempt at doing a character sculpt. I was following along with the “Head Sculpting with Steve James” tutorial on the pixologic site and went in my own direction. I was using various images for reference of anatomical features; I didn’t really have any person in mind when making this. Something feels off about the face, I think it’s the eyes. I’m looking for critique on what I have so far, I plan on working on this some more when I can. Thanks!

Hi dude, I’m at the early stages of learning too so I thought I’d offer you some feedback.

Firstly, well done for making something and posting it up! I think you’re right about the eyes and it’s an easy fix. The eyes look a bit “dead”. Have a look at some more references of people at rest and you’ll notice that usually the eyelids cover more of the eye, they usually cover some of the iris at the top. Just by tweaking that you’ll notice she’ll lose her blank stare and start to look better. I’ve found that once the eyes feel right the whole face starts to com together.

Bear in mind I’m a novice too so I’m sure there’s others here that can give much better advice.

Keep going!

Hey Bosh, thanks for the idea, I will give it a try. I’ll also look at other materials to see if I can reduce how shiny she looks.

No worries. I change matcaps all the time when I’m sculpting . I usually stick with matcap grey and change the colour quite often to keep my eyes fresh but it’s a case of using whatever material works for you I think.

I’ve found when I’m drawing (which I’m better at than sculpting lol) you can end up looking too hard at what you’re making and can’t actually see any issues clearly until you’ve had a break and come back to it.

Also don’t try and make it too perfect while your learning, one thing I’ve learned recently is not to be afraid to call it finished even if I’m not 100 percent happy. That way I can take what I’ve learned onto my next thing without getting bored/frustrated.

Good luck!