character - girl no name

i heard from friend this is a good place to get pro feedback.
Just started this character a two days ago, still far from finished.



good job but you should work on her pose its a bit stuck up if you know what i mean try to make her more fluent lookin

Her fingers look broken.

yes, I know :slight_smile: I’ll will work on them, thx :slight_smile:

overall coming along great. Nice job on the hair clothes and boots. The wrinkles in the shirt fabric are looking good.
I agree with the two previous post, fingers and pose.

Great job.


did you make entire thing in zbrush or imported ot from 3ds max ??
nice work by the way :smiley:

Lots of good stuff going on in that piece:) Can’t wait to see if you decide to go further.

yeah, make the pose as dynamic as the hair

I did some improvments on the fingers, dress, hair and boots :slight_smile:
Thank you all for the feedback and please give me more :slight_smile:

Hi. I love your sculpts. Can you do a brakedown of your hair sculpting process? Thanks for share.