Character Design Course for Intermediate/advanced

Hello People,
I am designing a Naturalistic Character Design Course for people who already know how to use the Software to a good level.
This is an invitation to make a wish list for a Character design course.
What would you want to see in a course?:smiley:
Don’t hold back
Dan Hughes McGrail

  1. Varied face types (ethnicity)
  2. Different body shapes
  3. Clothing/accessories
  4. Expressions
  5. Poses
  6. Would you do stylized as well or just realistic?
  7. Skin (color/texture/SSS)

Great Reply Thank you!
I will use all your suggestions. I even have a section for understanding racial physionomic tendencies.
Yes We will cover Stylised work as well but in the context of naturalistic being the base.
I think Stylised characterisation may need its own course, because it’s so broad and interesting…