Character anatomy study

So I was working on a character for my portofolio and I got to the point to making the clothes in marvelous designer but this laptop is not strong enough to let me go farther with that character so I started this anatomy study to keep working on something . If it’s not the main character at least I don’t procrastinate .

This character has so far 60+ hours . Can you tell me what do you think of the anatomy and proportions ? This sculpt’s body is based off a scan from 3d scan store and the hand is based off another scan .




Thighs and calfs look a bit weird but good job so far :+1:

Thanks ! I’ll look into it !

the anatomical base of model is with many mistakes. he is very strange, arms, legs, and feet. The leg seems to have elephantiasis

After some more work on this sculpt mostly fixing the legs and the head this is what I have right now :slight_smile:

Hope you like it and if you have critiq feel free to say it .


It’s better now but I think the outer side of the calf on the 2nd image from the left extends further down than it should. This muscle’s inner side will be longer. Also the legs still feature too much fat tissue when compared to the torso. But the fat tissue looks pretty good. Compared to the muscle that is shown under the tissue, the legs should be articulated as much as the upper body. Otherwise the thighs would lack that rounder shape.