Chaos Warriors

Hi all
it’s my first post here.It take me a really long time to finish it.
Adrain smith is my favorite artist,i chose one of his early age conception design to model.
I make the basic mesh in 3dsmax,and all the sculpting works were done in zbrush.
ok ,hope you like it C&C are welcomed!:smiley:

some WIP image





here are some WIP images and the original concept image

That is some wonderfully unique design. Can’t believe nobody has left a comment yet.

amazing works with amazing details.
Hope, you will show some making of it soon : )

Sick work man!!
I love the all dents in armor and everything else great work!

Wonderful work!!

Looks like a potential champion emerging from the wastes.

Particularly love the severed hands and heads, great work.

This is a masterpiece.Love the amount of details you put into this work.Keep rocking.:wink:

This is some really excellent work with such tremendous attention to detail! :+1:

3dsmax base model