Change Window Size, Hide Toolbars

Hi. Is it possible to change size of ZBrush window and hide all toolbars with zscript?

Yes, but just to be clear, do you mean the whole ZBrush UI or the document window?

Thank you for answer. I mean whole ZBrush window.

OK, here you are:

[IButton,ChangeWindow,“Do it”,
//change ZBrush window size
//hide top menus
//close side trays
[If,[IHPos,1000]> 20,[IClick,1000]]
[If,[IHPos,1001]< ([IWidth,Title]-20),[IClick,1001]]
//hide float menu
[IUnPress,Preferences:Interface:Float Menu]

In the code above, the size you want the ZBrush Window is set in the Document:Height and Width sliders, and then ALT is held on the keyboard when Document:Resize is pressed. This changes the size of the whole ZBrush window.

:open_mouth: Thank you very much!!! It works well!

And maybe it is possible to move window to any position of the screen?

That’s beyond zscript, I’m afraid!

any instructions on how to run this?

It’s a code example and is not very useful as it is, and the tray toggle won’t work in the latest ZBrush version. What was it you wanted to do?

I would love to have a single hot key that hides/unhides all the tools/menus in Zbrush so only the drawing window takes up the entire screen if possible. I got myself a drawing monitor and its not a large screen. The menus take up quite a bit of space on the left/right/top/bottom.

OK, here is a macro that will do what you want. Save the file to the ZBrush 2018\ZStartup\Macros\Misc\ folder and then restart ZBrush or press Macro>Reload All macros. You’ll then have a button called “Toggle Menus” in the Macro>Macros>Misc sub-palette. Assign a hotkey to the button. You can use TAB if you want, which will disable it for the float menu.

Toggle Menus.txt (945 Bytes)

One thing to be aware of is that if you load a project with the menus showing the document probably won’t take up the available space when you hide the menus. (This is to do with the “WSize” switch in the Document palette.) So use the Ctrl+O shortcut to load a project ( or the ‘,’ key to show Lightbox) after hiding the menus.Toggle Menus.txt (945 Bytes)