CHANDAAL ( DW III entery )

hey Folks,
just got back from vacations.took a break after Dominance war challenge :P. i finished the my model just few minutes earlier before the deadline:D:D.so i thought of sharing my work here on ZBcentral coz its been such a great experience workin in zbrush during this challenge:+1:.it was just amazing how i worked with millions of polys in abrush and with ne plugins like transpose master, subtool master etc:sunglasses:. couldnt thank enough :P:laughing:
here r the final submission and some hi-res render from zbrush.:+1:

beauty render.

thanx once again.
happy zbrushing












this is awesome man! you’ve done an excellent job of creating a very imposing and believable character.

no crits here!!

awesome work samar!!! best of luck in the comp! :smiley:
btw. those bracers are BUFF!

wow ,thats great (cant say awsome again),very powerful guy with alot of character,the dw sure brings out quality artwork,goodluck:+1:

so much more detail than most others that used 9000 tris and ur not even at 8000! berzerk! normal map seems to work really really well. i was wondering how you create the chainmail on thoose lillte polys how is it done ? maybe a mini tut now that ur back from you vacation ?
only crit is that the shoes would be smashed down onto the feet if someone stomped on em but i guess this lad wont get into that situation and if yes hell know howto defend himself i guess

just saw that with the weap its also almost 9000 but what the heck texturing is just off the hook definitly a winner of the war i guess

Awesome. Top row stuff.

i have said it before and i say it again…Awesome WORK!!

Iam speechless … great job man! :+1:
I’m also interested in your workflow, esp. uv-ing, texturing. Have you normalmapped in ZBrush?