CHANDAAL ( DW III entery )

hey Folks,
just got back from vacations.took a break after Dominance war challenge :P. i finished the my model just few minutes earlier before the deadline :smiley: :smiley: .so i thought of sharing my work here on ZBcentral coz its been such a great experience workin in zbrush during this challenge :+1: .it was just amazing how i worked with millions of polys in abrush and with ne plugins like transpose master, subtool master etc :sunglasses: . couldnt thank enough :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:
here r the final submission and some hi-res render from zbrush. :+1:

beauty render.

winning pose.

construction shot.

texture sheets.

concpeet sheet.
no this was pain in **s coz m not good at sketchin and its not xactly the same coz i changed some of my ideas during the war. it was just a basic idead some rough strokes in ps.

some hi res shots.

thanx once again.
happy zbrushing