Another first work that debuted as an artist for the first time. It’s work that I have to trade for many things. in order to complete the work and the most complete Whether the decision to quit the job or drop out from education All that happened during that time was precious time. It is a feeling that will be remembered for a lifetime. How much dedication to a job This piece took 8 months to sculpt. Finally, this work will be made into metal under the supervision of the Raluk Foundry.

Something about what the sculpture represents in Thai culture?

I am from Thailand The patterns in this work are called “Lai Thai”. Thai art is adapted from nature such as vines, trees, and rivers according to the motto created from the belief in Buddhism. The story based on the history of the Buddha before the Buddha’s enlightenment, moreover the belief of Mother Earth squeezed her hair which is created a river to purify evil spirits Behind Vishnu on Garuda from the national belief, it believes that protects against all dangers.

Real metal casting work by Raluk Foundry.


Thank you very much 3d world magazine issue 291


Isolated parts Preparing to cast bronze.

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In addition to the works What I want to happen is to be auspicious. according to the beliefs of Thai culture

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That’s a pretty remarkable amount of work to put into a single piece. The amount of detail is spectacular.


Thank you.

That has to be cut into many pieces because it is easy to cast metal.

In the beginning, The work is designed to be a coin, size 5.5 cm.

Real coin, size 5.5 cm.

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