Chadwick Dusenbery Portfolio

Time to look for a J.O.B. Been such a great year tightening up a few screws on my Portfolio. Have to thankZac Retz for the one of kind experience of learning and building a story we both Dig! Hell of a Ride this year!

portfilo 2015 ice cream kitty unicorn.jpgportfilo 2015 Freelance gig Zac retz bee.jpgCORY EDWARDS PROJECT.jpgportfilo 2015 barkery lady.jpgportfilo 2015 britney blonde.jpgportfilo 2015 calla Bue.jpg


portfilo 2015 ice cream kitty unicorn.jpg

portfilo 2015 Freelance gig Zac retz bee.jpg


portfilo 2015 barkery lady.jpg

portfilo 2015 britney blonde.jpg

portfilo 2015 calla Bue.jpg

portfilo 2015 cool dude.jpgportfilo 2015 pizza boy.jpgportfilo 2015 queen boogedy.jpgportfilo 2015 Onorio robot.jpgportfilo 2015 zac crab.jpgportfilo 2015 dumb unicorn fly.jpg


portfilo 2015 cool dude.jpg

portfilo 2015 dumb unicorn fly.jpg

portfilo 2015 pizza boy.jpg

portfilo 2015 queen boogedy.jpg

portfilo 2015 Onorio robot.jpg

portfilo 2015 zac crab.jpg

Zac Whale goofy design.jpgportfilo 2015 Zac frog design.jpgportfilo 2015 soga pillar design sculpt.jpgportfilo 2015 natlius croc.jpgportfilo 2015 starhugs girl.jpg


Zac Whale goofy design.jpg

portfilo 2015 Zac frog design.jpg

portfilo 2015 soga pillar design sculpt.jpg

portfilo 2015 natlius croc.jpg

portfilo 2015 starhugs girl.jpg




These characters are pure fun.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Dude…This is really great!!! Just GREAT! Congrats!

wow this is going to be on the top row for sure!
great stuff :slight_smile:
do the characters have a clean topology?

Really great job Chad. Keep the images coming.

Hi fynn, I begin sculpts very organically with Dyna mesh, and then Zremesh then project my details! I do this a lot back in forth till I get my end result on sculpt! :slight_smile:

Here is a few characters of my Zremesher Base meshes!

Thank you every one for the Kind words and support!

Chadwick cool dude wire frame.jpgbee wire frame.jpg


cool dude wire frame.jpg

bee wire frame.jpg

abyss creaute.jpg

Wow. Great models. i love the abys critter.

Your whole collection is amazing!


Thank you so much every one!!:smiley:

Hi Fellow Zbrusher’s, wanted to share a few 3D Printing experiments I did the past two months! I will be upgrading to a SLA Form 2 by formlabs soon! These prints are PLA and ABS to prints with the 3D Systems Cube! :slight_smile:dude print.jpgpug.jpgshell.jpgkeychain.jpg

Great stuff!! Congrats on Top Row! Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring! I need to post more :wink:

Theses characters are so full of… CHARACTER! all of them!
Great work!

Holy Cow!! I did it, Top Row on Zbrush Central, been a goal of mine since I Learned of Zbrush 8 years ago! Historic day for me, thank you everyone for the love and Support!

Here our some final renders of a Recent 3d printing commission!IMG_1114.JPGIMG_1115.JPGOnorio side 2nd pass.jpgportfilo 2015 Onorio Final robot one.jpg


portfilo 2015 Onorio Final robot one.jpg

Thank you so much Shane!! Love your work!! Great Piece you did for the Sculpt off this year!! Congratz!!

woooaaaa Lovely stuff! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: