CGTrader's 3D schwag models' challenge

We have a special challenge for you! Create a fun, realistic model of schwag including objects from hats to cups, business cards to pens, bags to toys – anything that could be used to add some text. What’s in it for you? Prize pool of 7500 USD: 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500 USD in subscriptions to great apps, as well as an opportunity to help bridging the gap between 3D and 2D communities. Learn more: https://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/3d-challenge-designer-schwag

  • All submissions should be single-subject model
  • Only Maya (.mb or .ma) and 3ds Max (.max) formats are accepted
  • Use quads rather than triangles or any other polygons: number of quads 10% - 20% tris, max of 5 edges
  • Single non-overlapping UV set per mesh
  • Real world scale objects
  • Use VRay Standard Material (VRayMtl)
  • Use PBR flattened textures: no layers, blends or procedural textures
  • Asset names should use Camel case, be descriptive of the model, and be consistent respective to all dependent files. Use English only.

There are quite some technical requirements to be an eligible contestant and prepare models the right way, but those modeling in Maya (.mb or .ma) or 3ds Max (.max and .3ds) are already one step in it :wink:


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