CGPT sketchbook

Hi everyone ,

I’m Salim Ljabli a Senior 3D artist and founder of CG Pro technology studio , I’ve been working with my Team mate Soufiane idrassi as a team for over 3 years now, and decided to expand our site of expertise from Vehicles and hard surface modeling to characters & creatures sculpting .

We’ve been following the awesome work from various artists over here which was main factor that pushed us to get back character design and sculpting , so thanks to everyone who contribute to this awesome forum .

Here are some few of our recent works, we hope you’ll like them.

Feel free to visit our Facebook page to see more : CGPT Team


Demon chick :

Humanoid bug :

Real time



Humanoid bug by CGPT.jpg

Demon chick by salim ljabli 2.jpg

Demon chick.jpg




i really really like the first two characters in particular, excellent work and design. Keep on posting.:+1:

Cool stuff. The Humanoid bug model looks good. Hope see more updates from your team.
Cheers :smiley:

great stuff salim! keep it up bro!

Yep, the bug is most unique, and I like a little looseness in those character concepts.
The other stuff is very good too,
Keep it up

Very cool work! loving that bug! nice marmoset render too! is that decimated + discplacement or lowpoly with normalmap?

Great work.Keep it up :+1:

Great work as always!

all of them great sculpts! videos?

Hi everyone,

@ LVXIFER : Thank you !

@ Insania : Thanks :slight_smile: .

@ siamak_cgm : thanks bro !

@ MattSkinny : Thank you :slight_smile: .

@ JohnnyRaptor : thank you , well on the demon chick there is no displacement it’s just diffuse; spec; gloss and normal map

@ gkhnaltay : Thanks man !

@ DV3D : thanks dude !

@ nassosa : thank you, well sadly nothing at the moment most of those characters was done in live streams but the videos arn’t available anymore, i’ll upload the demon chick one and others soon .

Here are our latest characters .

We hope you’ll like them .

Make sure to visite our Blog for more pictures .

CGPT team

Venom :

More pictures here : CGPT Blog

Young Demon :

Already commented on Facebook but this latest sculpt is really awesome, the detail is really tight and i love the leather, the head is the only spot that could get more love but other than that its great

Awesome! Looking to see more and more stuff from team.:slight_smile:
top row material for sure.

nice sculpting skill!! Salim :smiley:

This is depressingly good man, you are a beast :slight_smile: Why is this not top row yet? :smiley:
Keep it up man and maybe record the steps in z brush, so we can see future videos of u working man. Inspiring stuff !

your work looks amazing…:D:D:D:D

Hi everyone,

@ Guilherme : thanks man !

@ arun nagar : thanks bro ! i hope so.

@ papagersi : thanks bro !

@ vickgaza : thanks bro, i’ll definitely save some videos next time, i’m also uploading videos from old live stream .

@ mind-play : thank you :).

Here a quick overview and progress while working on venom
Quick overview by CGPT team.jpg

hope it’s of any help & sorry for my english


Amazing work with great sense for detailing !
I would definetely keep eye on this thread :slight_smile:
Keep rockin’ ,CGPT Team !

OH SNAP ! Salim thanks for the steps man ! Lovely stuff as ussual :smiley: !

thanks for sharing the steps
it’s amazing :smiley:

Amazing, thank u :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: