Cezar Brandao - Sketchbook2

Hey guys, i will start a new sketchbook here.

This image is at Gnomon Gallery now, Student show.

I want to spend more time on this, but the deadline was really short i had just 10 hours to model this. I hope you like.

Thanks !

Lovin it.Looks great,Nice feathers.

Only ten hours?!? How did the base mesh look like?

She is beautiful… really great work

This is Masterful. thanks for making this. :slight_smile:

I think it’s very nice, but I also think that the pose is pretty similar to Marta Dahlig. Sorry Just had to bring that up cause it reminded me of her pose and I’m a fan of credit.


Wooww!!:grimacing: Nice model, I like the expression of the hands. :slight_smile:

mrskullface - Hey man, no worries ! She’s amazing, but i used this photo as reference(see the link) I don’t know who is the photographer sorry. Thanks !

ghost_rider - Thanks a lot !!

guti - Thank you very much !

Tyrone70 - Yes, reaaally short deadline hahaha. Thank you ! I will post the base mesh for you later.

DELTATHUND3R - Thank you very much !

Wow!! Nice model, I like the expression of the hands.

i wonder if you would come up with a finished product, coz this is amazing. i love the bottom of the sculpt because it gaves a sense of clay. In fact the whole thing(minus the unfinished headgear) is well done.

I love it! very natural!


Nice :wink:

Very nicely done. No crits :+1:

Wow, great work Cezão! Wonderful model bro. Congratulations! 5* :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

www.leotaksakamoto.blogspot.com :smiley:

Rcgpol - Thank you !

GX@W - Thank you very much !

Lil’sister - Thank you so much ! Your work is great !

artstudio3 - Thank you !!

Vimmy - Thanks a lot ! I love your work.

brettSinclair - I’m a big fan of your work man, means a lot to me, thank you !!

leo sakamoto - Hey my friend ! Thank you so much. Valeu Leo !

love this…:+1:

Amazing work :+1:

great model Cezar ,congrats my friend


Nice! Simple yet satisfying, well done.