Centaur wip


I want to show you my Centaur model. The base mesh was made in Modo and now I do some sculpting in ZBrush.



WOW thats just insanely good, do you plan to texture it?


So far this is a very nice sculpt, but it would be great if we could see a bigger render of the creature. I really like the dynamism of the pose and the feel of the the horse anatomy, there's real sense of physical power in that lead leg and a really nice torqueing of the body at the junction between the hose body and the humanoid top. The one thing that may be a bit of is that the right hand feels very small relative to the overall mass of the creature and that seems to rob it of some of it's power. This is one of those things, where a lot depends on personal preference, but hand size can be a great way to suggest physical power in male characters (I've never been able to make it work with female characters though;)). A nice example of this is the Michelangelo "David" who has very large hands that aid both in suggesting strength when viewed closely by being a dominant feature in comparison to the rest of the anatomy and emphasize the feeling of strength when viewed at a distance by being very clear in the sculpture's silhouette. This aside, though, it's a really nice piece of work and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do next with it.


I did some changes with the hand and only one hand is sculpted the same is with the horns. Well it’s still WIP :roll_eyes:


Hi, I love this piece, and I know I am not one to post (I always feel dwarfed here :slight_smile: ), but let me add an observation: the hooves are disturbing.
Check out : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse_hoof for odd-toed
and http://www2.dpi.qld.gov.au/images/1769.gif for even-toed hooves. For my eyes it’s a creature with horse legs which are looking backwards. Breaks the movement :slight_smile: Other than that so far so good!

I’ve started this piece many years ago in fact first post was from 2005. Finally i found time to fix it and finished it.


That is amazing! I love the pose, everything works so well here. Very dynamic and interesting to analize :+1:

Thanks m8 :slight_smile: