Cedric Seaut's Little Box

Awesome works — 5*

wow, great models! :smiley:

Hey Cedric,

Man, I always love your work! Could you talk a bit about your texturing process?

Purely amazing.
Franck is amazing in term of design, modeling and texturing

Brilliant! Another top-row! Lots of talent and skills here, top-notch!

Can we see wires plz?

Awesome work! Could you share some info on your hard surface workflow? How much comes from the mesh topology and how much is zbrush.

Hey guys :slight_smile:
thanks a lot for the words :slight_smile:

for the workflow… actually it’s 95 percent sculpted for the three characters.
i used a very simple basemesh to define roughly the concept/shape/main details in Z.

then i redid the topology and reprojected the informations in Z.

and finally polished the hard edge sculpting to have something more sharp and solid thanks to mask and brushes.

for the 5 percent not sculpted it was for pipes and some buttons.

for textures, it’s all hand painted.The main colors were defined in Z with the polypaint and the fine details (scratches and stuff) were added then in photoshop by hand.

for renders, it was done with FinalToon, half percent max material, half percent FinalToon material… FinalToon allows you to do that. You can have very good balance between quality and speed… lest than 1 min to render a 300 dpi picture. And it fakes in some way the GI.

and that’s all i think.

more will come up :slight_smile:
thanks :slight_smile:

Mind blowing… :grimacing:

whats wrong with you man?! hahah

take care mate!

Absolutely amazing models, my favourite is Igor, ha! his face! Truly awsome.
But what rocks maybe even harder is textures and rendering (hard to tell which have more influence on that effect). I love it, that 2d feeling. Can you show some samples of textures?
Great job man!

Way Cool

Awesome, thanks for workflow Ced, again as I said brilliant work!

About Final toon, coz i was looking for some sort of way to render things like you did here, what do you mean half percent max material and half final toon, as in how do you mix them.

Also, do u know of any alternative for Maya (like the finaltoon shading as you mentioned)?

Thanks in advance!

amazing !!! very cool texturing !!!
last guy reminds me of Mr. Bean a little bit :smiley:

Great characters, impressive texturing! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Impressive work !! 5stars
I like your render
Igor is my favourite !

Awesome work man…

Great job! ! !

oh crap, your THAT cedric seaut, saw your heavenly sword a little while ago.
Really nice work in here, great mix of organic and hard edge forms with really nice texturing work. Really cool/unique characters too ^_^.

and thanks for the workflow, really impressive you did pretty much all of it in zbrush (hard edge stuff too).

5 stars from me

Great concept, it’s very original!
Love your style Cédric! :smiley: :+1:

Terrific!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:
Damn nice :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The Franck’s shoes reminds me of japanese traditional sandals…
I love 3 of them…

aboslutely stunning models! very cool sculpt and textures too…the sculpt is really clean and precise…! Great work and congrats on the top row!