Hello guys!

After several months without touching 3D, i am back to it! Now i moved from Brazil to Canada and i will be studying here for the next year.

Here i will post a study whenever i find time to do it between schools assignments.

And feel absolutely free to critique the hell of those sculptures!

Hope you enjoy =D

For the first one: A Electabuzz fanart (school assisgment xD)! I know i doesn`t look like the pokemon, but i had fun doing it =)

close up

I have a few studies that i`ve done this month, heres three of them.

I will post the rest later.


(in cronological order)




A and the last studies from this month!




This one was based on the awesome Cryptcrawler`s illustration (http://cghub.com/images/view/573175/)

Hello guys!

This one is a WIP for a still image that im working on. Hes a fat “crocodragon” and will be sitting on the ground, holding a donut ^^

C/c`s are very welcome, as always!



I like it… nice Character Design… is this your intended final pose?
Just asking since it may only be the scalp pose… :slight_smile:

Thank you, SiliconRiot!

Actually not, i dont have a set on stone concept, but my idea is to have him sat on the floor holding a donut and looking at it ^^ After finishing sculpting i will blockout the scene and test some poses (should have done it on the beggining xP)

Btw, here is one update, just refining some forms. Will just add some final details, textures and then try to paint him.


Also my first speed sculpt attempt! (from scratch, 1.5 hour)


Really cool design for this crocodragon, I like it!:+1:

Thank you, cydethan !

And here is the last 1 hour speed sculpt, based on the pans labyrinth faun. I screwed up on the horns, but its too little time for me to get something looking right xP



New 1hr Speed sculpt! Theme: Stylization (the last ones was Expression and Creatures) She looks like an meerkat on redbull and cocaine, but its okay i guess xD

C/C`s welcome!



Speed Sculpt of the day! 1h30m.

C/c`s are welcome!



Bofur SS ! 1h



New Speedsculpt ~1hour. Poseidon-ish.

C/C`s are welcome!


awsehidfwr 3.jpg

Last Speed, ~1h. Black Mask =D





Update on the dragon project! Posed and painted (still needs some tweaks, but overall finished). Now i will set up the scene, have to figure out how to make good grass.

And yes, hes missing one eye, for now xD

C/c`s are more than welcome!


No critics, I just love this character ! :+1:

Fun Indeed, a couple small things, I’d do something with the screen left hand for a better silhouette read… and all of his toes are tightly curled, try getting some variety and personality in the toe poses as well, it will only help the already bubbly personality it has…! :slight_smile:

The dragon is really nice, but perhaps it lacks of details on the belly and feet? The give me a feel of unfinished in opposition to everything else. I’m looking for the next update! :slight_smile:

cydethan : Thank you very much! Glad you liked the char =D

SiliconRiot: You are right, the toes need more variation. I will rotate a few a lil bit, but, unfortunately i cant "open" it. Its not really a curled toe, i faked the creases on the sculpture itself. Bad choice! Regarding the left arm, what would you suggest? Moving to another place or something ?

Totyo: Yeah, i tried to be veeery subtle on belly/feet area, trying to give some rest spots. I think i went too subtle ^^. On the last tweaks on the painting i`ll add more texture detail to mask the lack of sculpted detail. Hope i have time to do it all before the deadline!

Thank you all for taking time and giving me this awesome replies! I much appreciate it =D

Feel free to critique everything that comes up to your mind!


And, finally, its finished! I dont know how to upload decent rez here, so you can see a higher rez on the link below

A big thanks for the people that helped me, specially my colleagues here on school.


hi rez : http://tinyurl.com/qea6tda




Awesome, would make a great print or even a desktop wallpaper…!!