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Hi all…
I’ve been meaning to post for a long while but never really got round to it. The standard of work on here is just incredible and awe-inspiring. I hope that one day I can hopefully inspire people to just a small degree of what I have been to date.

Anyway, here’s my first image. I’ve got plenty in the works to show to you in the coming months so please do stay posted. This model was entirely made in Maya (before I was even aware of Zbrush) but I revisited the project recently and refined the model, used projection master for detailing and Zbrush’s brilliant rendering engine to produce the elements. Post work was done in Photoshop.

Critique and comments would be really appreciated… I hope you enjoy :smiley:



It’s been a long while since I’ve uploaded anything…This is my latest character model. Everything was done in Zbrush for the sculpt and rendering, with the final comp was put together in Photoshop. C&C welcome :slight_smile:


Model view:



Very nice sculpt!:+1:

Thanks :smiley:

yes, highly inventive … i like it

Thanks :slight_smile: I would like to take the credit for the design but the inspiration came from this awesome concept (by Dpanda) I came across on deviant art. Was a great challenge though!


Was that fully sculpted before you posed it?

Yeah, only only bits I sculpted after the pose was the chips and damage, but that was because I still hadn’t decided on whether I wanted a really clean finish or a grittier one.

Absolutely fantastic work! great sculpting and texturing, keep up the excellent work, mate!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I really love the pose and sculpt of your Kung Fu Master btw! Very cool indeed!

I managed to find some of the images I had totally forgotten about. I made these for my blog whilst I was working on the character, so thought I’d upload them here too. Some of the details which are not seen on the final character (due to the exterior armour) and a close up of my helmet design. Cheers…

Underbody suit:

Helmet Design:





Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, so here’s to being better with the updates in 2014!! This is the first of a series of sculpts I’ve wanted to do for a while. The aim is to eventually have a bust for each of the Dark Knight Trilogy characters (hopefully as an accurate likeness) to really improve my character sculpting skills. I’m certainly planning on doing a more detailed WIP for each one, but I got a bit carried away with the initial one so it’s well underway now.

C&C always welcome!

So first up…

Two-Face a.k.a Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart):

amazing work!!

Thanks Mitviz :slight_smile:

So here’s just a quick update for today. Done considerably more work on the skin side. Still some more to do there, but have now switched to the other side and just started mapping out the details of the burns/scar tissue. The eyebrow is just a quick sketch it’s own layer for placement. The plan is to use Fibermesh for the hair, stubble etc in the final renders


Here’s today’s update. Starting to build up the burns and putting in the tendons around the mouth…Plenty still to do, but the overall form and detail is starting to build up… C&C welcome as always :slight_smile:


Im drooling over these designs…wicked

Thanks a lot Terrence!

So here’s the modelling done for Two-Face. I may well revisit him again, but I want to start on the other characters and get them all to a certain degree of completion before I say they’re finalised. Next up Bruce Wayne/Batman I think…I’m currently thinking of doing two versions, so essentially each character/persona is made… Any C&Cs welcome though of course :slight_smile: