CCornils' Sketchbook

Hi, I’m new to this community! My name is Carol Cornils and I do art for a living! (or at least I’m starting to do so) :stuck_out_tongue:

This just a quick personal test (BPR with hue changed in PS).
As I’m pretty noob with ZBrush, any critique or recommendation is deeply appreciated!



Nice first post and welcome.
The early stage of developing a mind map and muscle memory of a wholly new tool voids all critique.

woa! I’m so sorry to have taken this long to answer.
Personal life got over me on that precise moment and it took me forever to come back.

So thank you kindly for your words, they give me a deep encouragement.

I’ve been practicing a lot this months, and hopefully improved a bit.

Here is a concept from the Looney Tunes, that was pretty fun to bring into 3D.


This horse is supposed to be Odin’s mount and is called Sleipnir (or Sleipner). I’m still modeling it.


Just a bit further